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It has recently been brought to our attention that certain companies representatives- mainly "S------" (you can fill in the blanks) have been telling customers that you can only burn THEIR melts in THEIR warmers and if you burn any other types of melts in their warmers the wax will smoke and put off a foul order. Now we're not saying this is the company telling their representatives to say this. We have a feeling this may be something the distributors are adding on their own in order to continue getting reorders, we don't really know, we weren't there. But we have heard this more than once from our customers. So we would like to take a moment to dispel this myth, in case you should ever hear it.

1) Scented wax is just that - SCENTED WAX! Yes, there are different kinds of wax and they do melt at different temperatures, but no wax should "smoke" on a warmer - there is NO FLAME!!

2) If your warmer is hot enough to make wax SMOKE, then that warmer shouldn't be used! It's too darn hot and unsafe!! I would return it to the company I bought it from and demand a refund!

3) We have tested our melts on many different warmers from many different sources (including S------! And they melt wonderfully on their warmers!!). The only one we found that didn't work with our melts was a REALLY CHEAP one. The bulb didn't even get hot enough to make the bowl warm. We don't think this would even have worked with scented oils. But we only paid $3.00 for it, so we didn't really expect to much out of it.

4) Yes, some melts are stronger than others. Not all melts are made equally. (Keep that in mind when purchasing melts from Dollar Stores or large chains/marts, they may be cheaper and yes they do smell good, but they DON'T last as long!)The scent throw you get in a melt will depend on the amount of fragrance that is put into it. We put more fragrance into our melts than we do our candles, since you aren't lighting it, it is safe. (Remember, we put the max fragrance load in our candles, but we don't go over that limit and make our candles unsafe.) So please don't try to melt our aroma melties down and make your own candle, there is TOO MUCH FRAGRANCE IN THEM TO MAKE A CANDLE!!

Sorry for the rant, but we just hate it when the public gets told fibs. We feel it is innappropriate and rude to try to deceive people just to make money!!

Aroma Melties
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