Luxury Skin Products Fragrance List


*Denotes Purescentsations unique, one-of-a-kind, signature fragrances.

*Afterglow: Tropical blend fruits including Pineapple and Orange

Cucumber Melon: Sweet melons and fresh cucumbers

*Garden Path: Reminds you of walking through a flower garden in full bloom

*Island Baby: Island florals with a touch of baby powder make for a nice, light, soft fragrance

Lavender: Endless fields of lavender in bloom on a spring day

Lilac: Just like smelling a lilac bush in full bloom

Love Spell: A strong, flirtatious fragrance that has bursts of citrus with a sweet, bubbly undertone

Mango Papaya: A delicious blend of mangos and papayas

Nag Champa: A very calming incense type fragrance. Good for both men and women

Oatmeal, Milk & Honey: Calming and relaxing

Patchouli: A very deep, woodsy scent. Not a sweet patchouli suitable for both men and women

*Pink Flamingo: Cherry and orange collide to make a clean, fruity smelling soap.

Pink Sugar: Another great BBW dupe! Sweet like cotton candy, but not overwhelming!

*Sunrise: Orange and Pomegranate blended with a touch of florals

*Vanilla: A combination of vanillas to make this a very unique blend