Pure Scentsations is a family owned business. All of our candles are hand-poured and tested for performance. We began making candles because we love to burn candles, but were tired of paying such high prices for candles that sometimes did and sometimes did not perform well. You know what we mean - it smells great in the jar and then when you burn it.....nothing, unless you stand right over the top of it. Or you burn and burn your jar candle but just can't seem to get the wax on the sides of the jar to melt and by the time it has burned all of the way down you still have 1/2 of your candle on the sides of the jar. Or when your wick keeps getting extinguished by the wax pool and eventually you can't even light it anymore so you just end up throwing the whole thing away. To us, this was a huge waste of money! So, we bought a little bit of equipment, experimented, gave out samples to people to test, repeated the whole process (more than once) and finally came up with a product that met our expectations. Once our family and friends smelled our candles, they wanted to know where they to could get them. Hence.....Pure Scentsations was born and in January of 2005 we began making candles to sell to the public.

From the beginning, we envisioned having a line of bath and body products to compliment our wonderful candles. We had done our research, had ideas for our recipes, but did not feel like it was the right time. So we waited. In February of 2016, it was time. So, we started the process again...pulled out the ideas and recipes, bought some equipment, experimented, give out samples, repeated the process (more than once) and TA-DAH we had soap and launched our Luxury Soap Line. By mid 2016 we had added Luxury Bath Bombs and in February of 2017 rolled out our Luxury Body Sprays. There's a lot more coming: Luxury Bubble Bars are next on the horizon (probably March of 2017) and sometime in 2017 we will add Luxury Lotion Bars and more.

We are very proud of our products and we are sure you will be happy with them. After all, we

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Roberta, Vince, Matthew & Robert

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By email: purescentsations@yahoo.com

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Shipping Information: All orders will ship within 10 days of receipt.

*Refund & Returns Policies: Buyer is responsible for shipping costs of returning product. Guarantee is void once the candle is 1/2 burned. Our money back guarantee is only applicable for purchases made directly from us. For purchases made through fundrasiers or at retailers we are unable to give a refund, since the person/store you bought the candle from received a portion of the money from the sale. We will, however, be happy to replace your candle with a different scent. Buyer is responsible for shipping costs of returning product. Guarantee is void once the candle is 1/2 burned.