Would you like to earn free products?? It's really very simple - just invite us into your home for a homeshow! Add your friends and family and you are on your way to receiving free stuff!!! We don't do the "typical" long-drawn out speech, just a quick background of the company, highlight the products, answer any questions and then take orders. You can have a homeshow in as little as 1 hour - and in todays busy world, that's a plus!!

As a hostess you will be entitled to the following:

* earn 10% in free products on shows between $100-$299

* by having a $300+ party you can increase your percentage in free products to 15%

* all homeshow hostesses will receive a special gift from us

* get 1/2 priced items based on sales

* receive the opportunity to purchase a special "hostess only" product at an unbelievabley low price

Call or email us today to get your party booked. We will send you everything you need to take outside orders before the party (for those who can't make it), invitiations, wish-list, etc.